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Hire Better, Hire Faster?

MARS (Mobile Alternative Recruiting Solution) utilizes mobile app technology to help companies take passive candidate sourcing to a new level. The software is designed to engage a company’s full business network (employees, vendors, consultants, sub-contractors, etc…) in collecting actionable intelligence on passive candidates. The results are more qualified candidates when compared to job postings and a reduction in both recruiting agency and job posting costs. Our software and mobile app helps you develop eye-catching job ads specifically designed for mobile phones and helps you launch campaigns using SMS (text messaging) technology. The system allows participants to provide actionable intelligence on someone they know or simply know of. The system allows participants to forward the mobile job ad, or share it via social media to someone who they believe could be interested and qualified. LEARN MORE

A High-Tech / High-Touch Candidate Sourcing Program

Recruiting on MARS will result in:

Candidate Sourcing Solutions - Managed Services

For companies that do not have the time nor the inclination to create and manage a high-tech / high-touch passive candidate sourcing program we offer a managed services option. Our team of Talent Acquisition specialists will work to make your program thrive. SCHEDULE A FREE DEMO!