Our employee referral program improves a company’s recruiting process

Control Candidate Quality with MARS

Many of the candidate sourcing software programs on the market simply do not use the right combination of technology, process, motivation, and instruction. Most are nothing more than social media job blasters with misguided rewards programs.

MARS was designed to include built-in screening mechanisms that discourage participants from referring “unqualified candidates.”

Boosting Passive Candidate Sourcing Strategy Results

Our candidate sourcing program helps change a company’s recruiting process by driving the participants to take specific “ACTIONS” towards identifying qualified candidates and providing Talent Acquisition with actionable intelligence on these candidates. These ACTIONS are met with rewards points which participants track on their mobile app.

With our candidate sourcing software you can create eye-catching job ads specifically designed for mobile phones and launch campaigns using SMS (text messaging) technology. The mobile job ads contain links to short videos and detailed job descriptions for those who seek further information. Videos can be posted in multiple languages.