Post and Pray - No Longer the Way

With the unemployment rate steadily dropping and currently below 4% (the lowest number so far this century), attracting top talent is becoming more difficult.

Many of the people you want to interview, and ultimately hire, are most likely “passive candidates”, satisfied with their current positions, successful, and not currently “looking.” They are not looking at LinkedIn messages or Internet job postings. They do not publicly put themselves “in the market.” They are typically gainfully employed, well compensated, and highly regarded by their employer. These candidates are not seeking – they are sought. The problem with most candidate sourcing strategies:

MARS: Taking Your Sourcing Tools to a New Level

79% of working professionals are considered passive candidates. MARS significantly improves your sourcing capabilities through:

MARS provides companies with an “intelligence sharing” based engagement program. When compared to job-boards and traditional recruiting, survey after survey has shown that having your business network engaged in the firm’s sourcing efforts can: